Helping kids navigate their emotions with fun and educational products created by an Educational and Developmental Psychologist.

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Dealing in Feelings products have been professionally created to help children learn and talk about emotions.

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Does your child become easily overwhelmed by their emotions?
Unhappy siblings

Is it hard for them to manage their behaviour?

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Do they have difficulty talking about how they are feeling?

We help kids learn about emotions

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The Dealing in Feelings Approach


Recognising and noticing sensations and feelings in the body.


Naming, talking and expressing feelings.


Reflecting and connecting feelings to experiences.


Learning functional ways to respond and cope with feelings.

Our Products

Dealing In Feelings

Emotion Cards

Dealing In Feelings cards
Our Dealing in Feelings emotions cards are the perfect way to start conversations about feelings.

With 26 different emotions, these cards are ideal as kids can recognise expressions from real faces! Essential for teaching emotional vocabulary and talking about emotions.

Great therapy and counselling resource.

With 2 sets of cards in each pack, these cards can be used for fun card games too like Memory and Go Fish.

Therapist Guide and game ideas are included.

Perfect for parents, teachers and therapists. Use them as a learning tool at home or in classrooms.

Dealing in Feelings cards
Realistic emotion cards
Matching Feelings cards
Emotions cards
Dealing in feelings card games
Dealing in Feelings therapy cards

 Feelings and Me


Feelings and Me Book with awards
Shortlisted in Speech Pathology Australia’s Book of the Year Awards 2021 Birth-3

Winner POWOL Preschool Book of the Year Awards 2020

Beautifully illustrated with fun animals each with a different expression, this book is an engaging way to help young children recognise how different emotions look and feel in their bodies.  Written by Julie Dini.


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Feelings and Me book

My First Feelings Chart

This colourful feelings chart for toddlers features the first 12 emotions that are readily understood by very young children.

Illustrated with the vibrant and appealing animals from the book Feelings and Me.

Kids love naming the animals and their feelings.

Great for classrooms and morning check-ins.

This fun Feelings Chart will get kids talking about their emotions.

Easy to use. Ships Flat. A3 size laminated

My First Feelings Chart
Feelings chart toddler
Feeling Chart Classroom
Animal Feelings Chart

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Julie Dini

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Founder of Dealings in Feelings and Author of Feelings and Me, Julie Dini is an educational and development Psychologist from Adelaide, South Australia.


Julie has been working as a psychologist for over 25 years, providing assessment and therapy for a wide range of childhood issues. Julie understands that one of the first steps to improve children’s behaviour is to help them learn about feelings.

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Meet Julie