Emotions and Feelings for Kids- A self-control workbook with coping strategies


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Emotions and Feelings for Kids – A self Control workbook with coping strategies by Julie Dini and Rubi Olivieri

Educational and Fun – Featuring 26 emotions and based on the highly successful Dealing in Feelings emotions cards, this stimulating activity book for children is a fun and educational way to help them understand emotions and feelings.
Therapist CreatedCreated by therapists who understand child development, Emotions and Feelings for Kids will help develop your child’s emotional vocabulary by giving them the words to talk about their emotions. They will learn how to identify body clues and strategies for managing big feelings such as angry, sad, worried and scared.
Packed with ActivitiesWith 80 different activities, all designed to strengthen your child’s social and emotional skills, they will be kept engaged and occupied whilst they learn through puzzles, stories and quizzes. Written in an easy-to-read format, ideal for home and school. Parent tips are included.
Emotional Intelligence MattersEmotional intelligence is linked to many positive outcomes for children including, improved behaviour, increased empathy, better social skills and self-control. This social and emotional workbook targets all of these areas ensuring your child develops the social and emotional skills they need to thrive.

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