My First Feelings Bundle- Feelings Chart & Feelings and Me book


This colourful feelings chart for toddlers features the first 12 emotions that are readily understood by very young children.


Feelings chart for toddlers. Emotions can be hard for toddlers to name. With our My First Feelings Bundle your child can communicate how they are feeling.

Fun and colourful it’s the perfect way to encourage toddlers and preschoolers to identify their moods and talk about how they are feeling. 

Features cute animal characters

Kids just love the cute expressive animals on this Feelings Chart, which is based on our popular book Feelings and Me.

Featuring cute animal characters, kids can point to the animal and name their feeling. Each animal has a different feeling, like the happy panda, an angry lion or the shy mouse!

Includes other emotion words such as sad, scared, silly, and worried.

Name feelings to improve emotional literacy

Identifying feelings improves emotional intelligence and builds vocabulary and emotional literacy.

When kids are encouraged to name their feelings they will be better able to manage their behaviour and communicate successfully.

My First Feelings Bundle is an ideal visual tool for children who aren’t able to speak yet or who need visual prompts. 

Great for Classroom Check-ins

Great for checking in with kids about how they are feeling or as a mood chart at childcare or school.

Use the book and chart to Teach toddlers the words for their emotions.

A beautiful back-to-school resource for classrooms and therapy offices.

Ideal social and emotional learning bundle for preschools, daycare, kindergartens and classrooms.

Quality Feelings Chart and Paperback Book

Our Laminated Chart is printed on quality paper.

It’s A3 size and ships flat which means with no annoying rolled edges.

Easy to hang or will fit in an A3 size frame.


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