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Emotion Cards

Feelings flashcards for kids

Emotion cards


Professionally created by a Psychologist

Our beautiful emotion cards have been professionally designed to help children understand and talk about feelings.

Essential to children’s emotional and social development is their ability to recognise feelings in themselves and others.

Dealing in Feelings emotions cards are perfect for children who have difficulty recognising facial expressions and naming feelings.

They are a great way for kids to share their feelings about things.

Recognise facial expressions

For some children, the ability to recognise and read facial expressions can take longer to develop.

These flashcards are the ideal therapy resource and are often used with children with autism, developmental delays or anxiety to assist them to express themselves.

Counsellors, therapists, speech pathologists, OT’s etc will find these cards a great resource.

Ideal for social and emotional learning

Teachers will find them perfect for social and emotional learning.

Use them in the classroom for SEL activities and for developing emotional literacy. Use the emotions flashcards to teach the names of emotions. Great for group games such as Memory or Go Fish.

Parents can use them at home to help children to name and talk about feelings.

These beautiful cards depict children of different ages and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Easy to use, the cards come with an Emotions Word key card so no more guessing what the feeling shown on the card is!

26 different feelings depicted

Fun card games with emotions flash cards

At Dealing in Feelings, we believe that learning about emotions should be as fun as it is insightful!

That’s why our Emotion Cards can also be used for fun card games for kids.

With matching pairs of all 26 emotions, these cards open up a whole new world of interactive play, fostering emotional intelligence while creating precious moments of connection.

Each card has a matched pair, making the pack perfect for fun card games such as Memory, Go Fish and Emotions Bingo.

By incorporating fun card games into emotional learning, kids not only become more adept at identifying emotions, but they also develop vital social and cognitive skills.

These games foster empathy, communication, and teamwork, making them ideal for family bonding or classroom activities.

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Cool Tools:

Empowering Kids with Anger Management & Emotional Regulation

Every child experiences anger, but not every child has the tools to navigate those strong emotions. Introducing Cool Tools our animal-themed collection of emotional regulation cards designed to address anger management for kids.

 Recognizing that anger management for children is more than just calming down, Cool Tools provides teachable activities using proven emotional regulation strategies.

Skill Building That’s Fun

With a unique blend of therapeutic techniques, our anger management cards transform emotional regulation strategies into a fun and interactive experience. Our cards foster genuine learning and skill mastery.

Backed by insights from neuroscience, mindfulness, sensory-motor, and cognitive behavioural approaches,  teachers, therapists and parents can trust their educational efficacy.

The Cool Tools anger management cards feature delightful animal characters such as Walter the Whale, Chloe the Cat and Minty the Monkey. Each card offers a practice activity that’s both engaging and educational for kids.

Perfect for Social-Emotional Learning

Beyond just anger control, COOL TOOLS use strategies including resting, moving,  sensing, expressing and thinking.  Colour-coded on the back of each card they are ideal for therapy sessions. A must-have tool for school counsellors and therapists eager to build kids’ social-emotional learning.

 Perfect for parents, therapists, educators, and caregivers, Cool Tools stands as one of the most effective anger management tools for kids. With each card, you’re not just managing anger; you’re equipping children with self-regulation skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. Suitable for ages 6+ years

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