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Dealing in Feelings

Emotions Bingo Game

Discover the Emotions Bingo Game with Dealing in Feelings Cards!

Our Dealing in Feelings set isn’t just a simple pack of cards—they can be used in lots of ways.

The emotions bingo game stands out as a fan favourite, but that’s not all! Memory Match and Go Fish are other engaging options that promote discussions and insights into feelings.

Ready to dive into the world of emotional exploration? Start with the emotions bingo game using your Dealing in Feelings cards!


Emotions Bingo Game Download

Looking for new ways to use your Dealing in Feelings emotions cards?

Our Dealing in Feelings emotions cards were created to be a versatile resource for home, therapy or in the classroom. A double set of cards is included in each pack so they can be used to play lots of fun games.

Memory Match,  Go Fish and Emotions Bingo are all fun ways to help kids learn about emotions. They have been specially designed so you can play fun card games together whilst talking and learning about feelings.

A fun game to play is Emotions Bingo! All you need is your pack of Dealing in Feelings cards.

How to Play Emotions Bingo

Give each player a Bingo Sheet.

Take one set of the 26 feelings from the pack and set the other set aside. Shuffle one set of the cards and place the deck face down.

Pick someone who will draw and call the cards. For extra fun, you can even draw them out of a bag.

The caller must take one card from the bag or top of the deck at a time. They will need to be able to identify each feeling and call it out.

Players can use markers or buttons to mark the squares of each feeling that is called.

The player who completes their sheet first and calls out Bingo is the winner!


Laminate the Bingo cards so you can use them over and over!

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