Emotion Cards for Therapy Bundle

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Our Bundle include our very popular Dealing in Feelings emotions cards PLUS our latest release Cool Tools. These quality card packs have been developed to provide children with effective tools for identifying, understanding and managing their emotions. They are the perfect bundle for use at home, school, or during therapy sessions.

These vibrant and engaging cards are designed to facilitate a better understanding of feelings and how to regulate them, ultimately leading to improved emotional well-being in children.

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Emotion Cards Bundle

Our Emotion Cards Bundle features our highly sought-after Dealing in Feelings emotions cards combined with our newest addition, Cool Tools.

We designed these premium emotion card packs to equip children with tools to identify, understand, and manage their emotions. They're ideal for use at home, in school, or during therapy sessions.

These lively and captivating cards aim to deepen children's understanding of their feelings and ways to control them, thus enhancing their emotional well-being.

Dealing in Feelings Emotion Cards

Dealing in Feelings emotion cards display real children conveying 26 varied emotions, offering a genuine connection. These authentic expressions simplify the process for children to relate to feelings they observe within themselves and in others. Explore how these cards can boost emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Cool Tools Anger Management Cards for Kids

The Cool Tools Anger Management Cards for Kids, our latest release, act as the ultimate self-regulation toolkit, enabling children to improve their emotional regulation skills.

Unlock self-regulation with Cool Tools! These innovative cards present 42 distinct self-regulation strategies, spanning five essential areas of regulation: Resting, Sensing, Moving, Expressing, and Thinking.

Each Cool Tool card introduces a delightful animal character your child will love. For instance, Sanchez the Sloth exemplifies calming and resting techniques, helping children rediscover tranquillity in turmoil. Chloe the Cat introduces cognitive strategies, nudging children towards staying present and attuned to their emotions. Claude the Cranky Crab teaches the importance of recognising body clues when angry feelings start to take over.

Quality Cards

We've crafted our emotion cards from quality materials for longevity and resilience. Their user-friendly design fits perfectly into curious little hands ready to delve into the emotional realm.

This is the ultimate emotion card bundle. These colourful and enticing cards foster a richer grasp of emotions and the means to moderate them, promoting children's emotional well-being.




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