Kids' Feelings are a big deal!

Dealing in Feelings Blog

We believe that kids’ feelings are a big deal.


Kids’ feelings can be hard for them to understand and tough for them to control at times. But there are lots of great ways to help kids understand and express their feelings in positive ways.

We love sharing ideas about how to help kids understand and express their emotions. We believe it is a very important part of their emotional growth.

Emotional intelligence is related to many positive outcomes for children, such as better behaviour, improved social skills and empathy towards others. It’s also related to better lifelong mental health.

Helping kids learn the words to use and encouraging them to share their emotional experiences helps them feel understood. Visual tools, cards, games and picture books are all great ways to encourage talking about emotions.

Whether you are a parent, a teacher or a therapist, we hope our blog will give you some creative ideas and useful tips about how to help the children in your life with their feelings.

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Kids’ feelings are a big deal!

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