Kids' Feelings are a big deal!

Dealing in Feelings Blog

We believe that kids’ feelings matter


Kids may struggle with understanding and controlling their emotions, but there are many positive ways to help them express themselves. Improving emotional intelligence can lead to better behaviour, social skills, empathy, and lifelong mental health.

Encouraging kids to use words and tools like cards, games, and picture books can help them feel understood and supported.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or therapist, our blog provides creative ideas and tips to help children with their emotions.


Kids’ feelings are a big deal!

Toddlers and self-regulation

Toddlers and self-regulation Parents often ask me, how do I help my toddler to self-regulate? Unfortunately, almost all parents experience the...

Using emotion cards with kids

Using emotion cards with kids

  Using Emotion cards with Kids Emotion cards are an ideal way to help children explore and talk about feelings. There are so many ways of...

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