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How to use your Festive Feelings Advent Calendar


Need a fun holiday activity for the kids? This free Christmas Advent Calendar will help your child get into the festive spirit whilst they learn about feelings with our feelings activities.

It’s an easy way to talk to kids about the different emotions we experience during the Christmas and holiday seasons.

Download, print out and colour-in this printable Christmas countdown calendar, then let the fun begin!

1. Download your free Festive Feelings Advent Calendar

2. Explain to your child that each day has a different feeling

3. Start with the 1st Feeling of the Day- the Happy feeling. Have a conversation with your child about the Happy emotion, when they have felt it and what was happening to them

4. Share your own experience of the Feeling of the Day

5. Ask your child to colour in the Feeling of the Day

6. Repeat each day so together you complete the 12 days of the Festive Feelings Advent Calendar!

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