Emotion Cards

Feelings flashcards for kids

Emotion cards 

Professionally created by an Educational Psychologist

Our beautiful emotion cards have been professionally designed to help children understand and talk about feelings.

Essential to children’s emotional and social development is their ability to recognise feelings in themselves and others.

Dealing in Feelings emotions cards are perfect for children who have difficulty recognising facial expressions and naming feelings.

They are a great way for kids to share how they are feeling about things.

Recognise facial expressions

For some children, the ability to recognise and read facial expressions can take longer to develop.

These flashcards are the ideal therapy resource and are often used with children with autism, developmental delays or anxiety to assist them to express themselves.

Counsellors, therapists, speech pathologists, OT’s etc will find these cards a great resource.

Ideal for social and emotional learning

Teachers will find them perfect for social and emotional learning.

Use them in the classroom for SEL activities and for developing emotional literacy. Use the emotions flashcards to teach the names of emotions. Great for group games such as Memory or Go Fish.

Parents can use them at home to help children to name and talk about feelings.

These beautiful cards depict children of different ages and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Easy to use, the cards come with an Emotions Word key card so no more guessing what the feeling shown on the card is!

26 different feelings depicted

Fun card games with emotions flash cards

Dealing in Feelings emotion cards were specifically designed so they can also be used to play fun card games.

Each card has a matched pair, making the pack perfect for fun card games such as Memory and Go Fish and Emotions Bingo.

Suggested games and questions for therapists included.

A great way to finish a therapy session!

For use with children aged 4+

Larger than playing cards.

Card size 8 x 13mm (5inch x 3inch) 

Dealing in Feelings emotion cards are presented in a quality laminated card pack making them easy to store and use.

Ecologically printed on GSM 300 cardstock.

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Dealing- In-Feelings- card-layout
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