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Books about emotions for kids

Our books about feelings for kids have been written by therapists.

That’s why they are educational and fun!

Social and emotional books for kids are a great way to help children understand and learn about feelings.

Books are an ideal way to help children learn about emotions in themselves and others.  Telling and reading stories together is a safe way to talk to kids about their feelings because it opens up the opportunity for them to share their experiences.

When you read books about emotions with children, talk about the characters and how they might be feeling. Share your feelings too.

Take a look at our preschool picture book Feelings and Me. It’s the perfect first feelings book for toddlers and preschoolers.

For 6-11 years olds, our new Emotions and Feelings for Kids Work Book is packed full of great social and emotional learning activities. Ideal for developing emotional literacy and self-regulation skills.

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Julie Dini is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with children and families. She has worked with many children with developmental disabilities.

She is also the author of the picture book Feelings and Me.

Rubi Olivieri is a Paediatric Occupational therapist who has specialised in working with children and their families, many of who are on the autism spectrum. Rubi has worked for government services and in private practice.

Julie and Rubi combined their skills and knowledge to write  Emotions and Feelings for Kids – A self-control workbook with coping strategies, which is an activity book designed to help kids understand their emotions.

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Feelings and Me

by Julie Dini

Book Awards

Grand Prize Shortlisted Eric Hoffer Book Award 2022
Honorable Mention The Eric Hoffer Book Award Children’s Category 2022
Shortlisted for Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards 2021- Birth -3 Years

Perfect Preschool picturebook

Feelings and Me is the perfect preschool picture book to introduce young children to feelings.

Cute Animal Feelings

This fun and engaging picture book is illustrated with adorable animal characters each with a different emotion.

A shy mouse, a silly giraffe and a calm piglet are just some of the expressive and appealing animals featured in this delightful book about feelings for kids.

Learn First Feelings words

A wonderful way to help children talk and learn about first feelings. Young children love naming the animals and their feelings.

Written by Educational Psychologist

Julie Dini founder of Dealing in Feelings .

 Parent Tips Included

Parent tips section for talking about feelings is included.

A cute picture book about feelings for preschoolers and toddlers.

Suitable for ages 0-5 years

Feelings Quiz workbook page

Emotions and Feelings for Kids

A self-control workbook with coping strategies

by Julie Dini and Rubi Olivieri

Educational and Fun

Features 26 emotions and is based on the popular Dealing in Feelings emotions cards

Our social and emotional workbook for kids is the perfect activity book to help kids learn about emotions.

Written by Therapists

Written by experienced therapists, Psychologist Julie Dini  and Occupational Therapist Rubi Olivieri.

Emotions and Feelings for Kids helps develop your child’s emotional vocabulary by giving them the words to talk about their emotions. All kid’s need help with their self-regulation skills.

They’ll learn to identify body clues and coping strategies for managing big feelings such as anger, sadness, worry and fear.

Packed with 80 Activities

All activities are designed to strengthen your child’s social and emotional skills.

They’ll be kept engaged and occupied whilst learning through puzzles, stories and quizzes.

Written in easy-to-read format for kids

Ideal for home and school. Parent tips are included.

Emotional Intelligence Matters 

 Emotional intelligence is linked to many positive outcomes for children including, improved behaviour, increased empathy, better social skills and self-control.

Our social and emotional workbook for kids will provide your child with  tips to increase their social and emotional skills

101 pages- Suitable for ages 6-11 years